North West
October 12, 2015

Good mornng Jonathan,


I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the assistance that T H Corporate Services have afforded me.


Clearly you are aware of my history but I just wanted to outline the where I was and where I am now.


As you know for reasons unbeknown to you that I reached a very low and desperate point in my life, all due to finances. I was put in touch with your orgainisation and from the first meeting we had I felt that there was someone there, a person as opposed to an organisation that actually understood and were completely unjudgemental. You put me at ease and although you could not tell me that ‘all would be fne’ you always told me how it was and gave me true and honest opions and options available to me. You were always available to speak and offer advice and opions even when it was outside of the normal 9 5 working hours.


Whenever you were not available Nikki very kindly helped and assisted in any was that she could.


I am now in a much better place and things are ‘back on track’ after a very long 18 months, I do not know where I would be should we not have been introduced. I am aware that your services are very sensitive but should any of your prospective ‘clients’ wish to speak to someone who ‘has been there and come out the other side’ please do not hesitate to put them in touch with me.


I wish to formally thank you personally and T H Corporate Services as an organisation for the professional and personal approach that you have given to me.


With kind regards,