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These are some common questions our clients have

If any of the below questions are something that you have asked/worried about, whether it is one or all of them, contact us now for a confidential conversation free of charge

  • Will my reputation be damaged?
  • Will this affect my credit rating?
  • Could I lose my home?
  • Will I be able to start a new business?
  • Will suppliers still work with me?
  • Can I keep my name (or a slight variation)?
  • What will happen to my staff?
  • How will HMRC react?
  • Can I keep any assets / customer lists?
  • What will happen with my existing contracts, can I keep them?
Contact us now for a confidential conversation free of charge

Specialists In Insolvency Help

Financial Rescue for your Business in Lancashire & North East

TH Financial Recovery are established insolvency practitioners committed to assisting individuals, sole traders / partnerships and the directors of limited companies to cope with the stresses caused by financial difficulties and in need of financial rescue and recovery. If your limited company is currently struggling to meet its financial obligations, please visit our corporate page, where you will find more information on our services.

Business & Individual Financial Rescue Lancashire

Is your business in debt, going into liquidation, bankruptcy, or are you experiencing financial problems? At TH Financial Recovery we provide expert support and guidance to businesses in need of rescuing, offering qualified advice to save you and your company. We offer assistance with Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA), as well as a wide range of other financial rescue services for businesses. Our staff are experienced insolvency practitioners and will be able to help you every step of the way to get you back on track.

TH Financial Recovery also provides insolvency services to individuals experiencing financial difficulties. Find out more about our personal debt solutions here. TH Financial Recovery offer guidance and services, such as the option of Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). An IVA would allow you to make a proposal to reach a settlement with your creditors. In most cases, this leads to significantly reducing or writing off your debt completely.

We are expert insolvency practitioners with offices in Burnley, Leyland, Bolton and Keighley. We also help businesses and individuals in need of financial rescue across Lancashire, Bury, Manchester, and Liverpool. We offer a tailored, personal service to individuals and businesses alike.

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Are you a limited company? Do you believe the business is insolvent?

Corporate Services

We provide guidance on many corporate services, such as Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). A CVA may be the right option for your business — our expert advice will address all your financial concerns and questions, with the aim of rescuing your company as soon as possible. With our help, your company will be guided down the right path, with your business’s financial rescue at the forefront of our practices. What is Insolvency? The information below sets out three tests to help you ascertain whether or not your company may be insolvent.

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Is your personal debt getting out of control? Is your debt unmanageable?

Personal Debt Solutions

At TH Financial Recovery we provide FREE advice to RESOLVE and / or REDUCE your personal unsecured debt, such as loans, credit cards, utilities and tax. Bear in mind that only licensed insolvency practitioners, such as ourselves, can set up and supervise formal procedures. If your situation is a particularly urgent i.e. threat of bailiffs or bankruptcy, we can, if necessary, apply to the court for immediate protection. If you’re looking for personal debt solutions, then call us straight away.

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Corporate Insolvency Statistics for the last quarter (to June 23)


Individual Insolvency Statistics for the last quarter


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Our Core Values

To provide Companies and Individuals with confidential, contemporary financial restructuring and insolvency advice free of charge and without obligation, to include a comprehensive assessment of all available options.

Once engaged, to implement the agreed informal or formal insolvency service professionally, diligently and expediently whilst maintaining a personable approach.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for being very attentive and flexible over the past year and a bit. You’ve been very efficient and have advocated well for us, especially given our complicated situation. We had a few difficulties with the company in the early stages of the IVA but you restored our faith. Please pass in my comments to your manager so he/she is aware of how much your assistance has supported us.”


“I am now in a much better place and things are ‘back on track’ after a very long 18 months, I do not know where I would be should we not have been introduced. I am aware that your services are very sensitive but should any of your prospective ‘clients’ wish to speak to someone who ‘has been there and come out the other side’ please do not hesitate to put them in touch with me.”


Latest News

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Increasing Financial Pressure

March 22nd, 2022|

COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS FACING INCREASING FINANCIAL PRESSURE As Covid 19 restrictions have been largely lifted in England & Wales, the numbers of insolvency cases affecting companies and individuals continues to rise. Reported company insolvencies in

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