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TH Financial Recovery are committed to assisting individuals, sole traders / partnerships and the directors of limited companies to cope with the stresses and worry caused by financial difficulties. As Insolvency Practitioners with offices in Burnley and Leyland, TH Financial Recovery help clients overcome the problems of the past, and secure the future. We offer a full Business Rescue and Recovery service.

TH Financial Recovery offer a full consultation, during which we will assess your current position FREE OF CHARGE.  Our team has many years experience in assisting businesses in distress and have an extensive range of options, strategies and solutions available to put you back in control.  TH Financial Recovery are adept at rapid action and managing indebtedness from the inside out.

For individuals who are reliant on professional accreditations, or are unable to declare bankruptcy without compromising their employment contract (such as Police Officers), TH Financial Recovery provide options and solutions which enable them to resolve their financial problems without damaging their careers.

Corporate and personal insolvency is a common problem and our team of consultants and Licensed Insolvency Practitioners have the experience and services to help.

In the recovery process, the hardest step is often the first – acknowledging there is a problem and then asking for help! TH Financial Recovery understand this and so strive to provide a personal, friendly service.  Debt problems do not just “go away” so please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

Whilst we do work nationally, our principal presence remains in the North West with offices in Leyland and more recently Burnley.  We are the only Insolvency Practitioners in Leyland and, so far as we are aware, we are also the only Insolvency Practitioners with a genuine office in Burnley!