Creditor Pressure

Companies often experience creditor pressure. This pressure can build very quickly and take forms, such as refusal to supply further goods, moving on to pro forma invoicing, enforcement action such a bailiffs or even formal legal proceedings. Whichever this may be, and depending on the severity, this can be an extremely stressful time for a Director which in turn can lead to sleepless nights and in some cases, health problems. In many cases these problems are short term, and the company may be able to resolve problems with minimal impact, however, in some cases the company’s management team may require professional advice.

At TH Financial Recovery we have years of experience advising Directors, managing debt and dealing with creditor pressure. The most common (and often the largest) business creditor is HMRC, and whilst we appreciate that dealing with HMRC may feel like a daunting prospect to you, we negotiate with them on behalf of Directors (and sole traders) on a daily basis.