Personal Debt Solutions

Personal debt is an increasing problem and in most cases is an extremely stressful experience. At T H Financial Recovery we provide FREE advice to RESOLVE and / or REDUCE your personal unsecured debt, such as loans, credit cards, utilities and tax. Bear in mind that only licensed insolvency practitioners, such as ourselves, can set up and supervise formal procedures. If your situation is particularly urgent ie threat of bailiffs or bankruptcy, we can, if necessary, apply to court for immediate protection. If you’re looking for personal debt solutions then call us straight away.

We have a vastly experienced team of professionals who will advise you of all your options, FREE OF CHARGE and in confidence. We do not judge, we simply help remove the stress and worry that you face each day from your creditors.

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On commencement, TH Financial Recovery help you understand your current position by helping you to prepare:-

  1. A list of debts, amounts and to whom
  2. Details of any property, mortgage and further borrowing
  3. Your personal and household income, after tax
  4. Your household expenditure, (your basic living costs)
  5. A list of “priority debts” – council tax, utilities etc

We will then put a realistic and affordable plan together on your behalf.

Contact us for a free consultation at either our Burnley Office on 01282 332222 or Leyland 01772 641146.