Thank you for accessing our virtual meeting guide.

You will have been provided with details of the meeting time and date relevant to you.

In order to logon at the correct time you will require the following:

1. Either a PC, Laptop or Tablet device which includes a functioning webcam and microphone.

2. Access to the internet.

We recommend that you contact our office to notify the case officer of your intention to join the meeting no later than the day before the meeting. This will ensure that we are aware of your intention to join the meeting should you experience any technical difficulties on the day.

Shortly prior to the scheduled meeting, you must follow these steps:

1. You may already have or wish to download the Microsoft Teams App. If not logon to the internet and enter in the web address (this may be copied and pasted to your browser) and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode, then click “JOIN A MEETING”. This information is contained in the correspondence we have supplied to you privately.

2. Once you have entered the meeting, ensure your webcam and audio is switched on by clicking the relevant icons.

If you are experiencing any problems or require further guidance please call our office to speak to one of our team.