According to the CBI, a recent company poll has discovered that 80{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34} believe that staying in the European Union will be more beneficial to their business.

The organisation has stated that it will outline the case for remaining part of Europe but respect the views of its member firms who want to leave.  It will not therefore align itself with any campaign.

Its stance on the issue has proven controversial amid suggestions that it rarely criticises the EU.

Critics have also questioned the methodology of its polls and “leave” campaigners said the latest survey “ignored the view of the vast majority of British businesses in favour of just a few multinationals”.

The CBI’s new poll, which had 773 responses, came after Prime Minister David Cameron announced the date of the Europe referendum, which will take place in June.


Source: Sky News