One of our team at T H Financial Recovery, David Aston, has recently given an interview to Burnley Express, explaining the reasons for the high level of bankruptcies in the Burnley area.  David explains that a number of factors are usually at play, and talking about bankruptcy numbers specifically, said “It would be difficult to say categorically why Burnley had such a high rate last year, but the usual reasons tend to be marriage break ups, job losses and financial mismanagement.  Sadly some of these are unavoidable, but some people do try to live beyond their means.  Very often people end up in difficulties without asking for advice”.

David urged individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty, whatever the reason, to seek professional advice before it’s too late.

Burnley Express 06.09.16

At T H Financial we provide free consultations to all prospective clients.  Take advantage of this service and seek advice from professionals and understand all the options, including an individual voluntary arrangement.  Contact David or any one of our team to arrange an appointment at either our Burnley office tel 01282 332222 or Leyland 01772 641146.