The communications regulator has not demanded a complete break-up of BT and Open Reach, but said this was still an option.

Rivals had called for a split between BT and its Openreach operation, which runs its cables, fibre and network infrastructure.

Companies such as Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk, who pay to use the network, say that BT underinvested in Openreach, and as a consequence this has led to a poor service.

Now BT will be told to allow easier access for rivals to lay their own fibre cables along Openreach’s telegraph poles and in its underground cable ducts.

Tougher rules

Ofcom also intends to introduce tougher rules on BT’s faults, repairs and installations.

It says Openreach should be governed at arm’s length from BT, with greater independence in taking its own decisions on budget, investment and strategy. It adds that a complete split between Openreach and BT “remains an option”.


Source:  BBC Business


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