Shares in Europe’s travel and tourism companies fell significantly this week amidst investors’ concerns following the Paris attacks.

Airlines were amongst the heavily affected, with Air France down 5{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34} and IAG (which owns British Airways) down 3.4{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34}.

Stock markets throughout Europe recovered early falls. The FTSE 100 was up, while Paris and Frankfurt were down 0.1{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34}.

This followed a dip in Asian markets, which were hit by the news that Japan was in recession.

Analysts had previously predicted that shares in travel and leisure would be the big losers on Monday as markets got their first opportunity to react to the attacks which took place on Friday evening.

Elsewhere, budget airlines Easyjet and Ryanair fell about 3{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34}.

The tourism sector accounts for about 7.5{06aeb1921e0b802d2bd9c766bc98fb11cc6a46c2b0593ed9c88a0e29cf417a34} of French GDP.

Source: BBC Business News

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